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At Social Media Cape Town, our clients always come first.

I am a Social Media Marketing Manager and Consultant in Cape Town.

I use social media to create awareness for your business, also, to build your brand!

Social media Cape Town helps your business to be found online through the various social media platform.

I use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Instagram and Pinterest.

I will teach you how to implement Social Media to suit your business.

If you need to know more about Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest then I can assist.

If any advice is required about social media it will be free.

When, however, the same person regularly request information I will have to charge them.

For social media to succeed I use a lot of visual stimulation, hence I will require a lot of photos.

if your business is not about photos or images, graphics can be used.

Where there is a will there is a way.

Remember, social media is a visual platform, the better the photo and description the better the engagement.

Social Media is very fast and you need compelling content as well as excellent photos or images.

Instagram is a pretty new platform but it already has a huge following.

Here it is the same, the better the photo or the image the better the response.

The more response we get from our social media the more Google will increase awareness to your website.

At the end of the day, it is all about links, and reputable links.

It will all depend on the quility of links that point to your website. 

The better your links the quicker Google will lift your website.

With, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are pretty trustworthy sites, that Google trusts.

Andre Beukes is my name and my integrity is unquestionable.

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Social Media Cape Town.

Andre Beukes

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