ViralTag scheduling tool for Social Media

ViralTag is useful for these social media accounts. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn & Twitter It is also a scheduler advance System.

If you do Social Media for yourself your company or for clients, I recommend using this specific tool, not only do they have smooth integration with the social media platforms but they also saves you a lot of time!

Sharing from the web or even from your own Social Media to other platforms just became much easier. With this software, you can schedule a post to Instagram and as long as you have ViralTag on your phone then you will receive a notification that you have an Instagram post. from then it is an easy share to Instagram.

Now, the kicker. When you have a client that has an Instagram account, you can still send the desktop version with text and images to your ViralTag on your phone. You will just have to make sure that you are logged into the right account. Amazing.

The fact that you can schedule your Pinterest posts has got its advantages that you do not spam your friends when you upload weekends worth of images, now you can just schedule them and keep everyone happy.

Now you can set up reports and you can even have content right at your fingertips. I recommend Viraltag as the software to use for all Social Media.

With the support being fast and helpful with their webinars and quick email help you will not feel like you are all alone in the world.
You get quick prompt help and if you do not understand they will make sure that you are helped.
You also have a browser extension that you can use to pick images from any website when you use that it is the best way as the URL of the images are automatically attached and you can not be penalized for plagiarism.

Click here to link to the best software tool I know

The Best Pinterest & Instagram Marketing Platform Automate your efforts and grow your brand on the visual web.
Viraltag supports scheduling to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.
Share your own content
Viraltag also makes it simple for you to share your own content. Simply pull it into Viraltag from whichever source you keep your content.
Content sharing with ViralTag
Simply click to schedule something you would like the share from the content generator on your dashboard
Share content from anywhere on the web
Schedule content from anywhere on the web with the ViralTag Browser Extension
Viraltag offers editing features, so you can edit and enhance any photo you share.
Editing features, so you can edit and enhance any photo you share


Find content Viraltag gives you several options for finding your own content to share.
Find content, you have several options for finding your own content to share.
ViralTag Screenshot.
This social media platform is one of the most futuristic software that I like!

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