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Kirstenbosch Gardens

Morning sunshine in Kirstenbosch Gardens
Kirstenbosch gardens one of the best botanical gardens in the world

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens includes a large conservatory and show plants from a number of different regions.

Outdoors, the focus is on plants native to the Cape region, highlighted by the striking examples of Proteas.

The route is quite popular with locals and international visitors.

From the gardens, numerous trails begin along and up the mountain slopes and these are greatly used by walkers and mountaineers.

One of the easier routes must be Skeleton Gorge, it is an easy and popular route to the peak of Table Mountain.

This course is also known as Smuts’ Track following Prime Minister Jan Smuts, who used this course regularly.

Visiting Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, is one of those experiences that you want to share with your people all the time.

The relaxing atmosphere recharges the batteries so to say.

With the many restaurants that are all over the gardens, one will never go hungry.

Squirrels, geese, duck and guinea fowl are all over and some of their antics are just adorable.

The Rock garden must be one of my favourite places.

Depending on what time of day you visit, there will be a different expression and a different demeanour on every stone sculpture.

The restaurant Moyo with their colourful waiters are refreshing and even more so when they perform for the customers.

The flowers and some of the special gardens withing Kirstenbosch Gardens is a must to see and experience.

The smells of the flowers are really heady and you will find some bugs find this irresistible. 

The Red City-sightseeing bus have permanent drop of and pick up halt just outside gate number 2.

All in all a fun experiance for young and old.

Source: Cape Town stop of the month: Kirstenbosch – Blog – City Sightseeing (Pty) Ltd

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